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Optical CX4 Cables

10GbE Active Optical CX4 Cables use cutting edge technology to reach speeds of up to 20 Gbps and distances of up to 300 meters, delivering the high bandwidth needed in large data centers, HPC clusters and supercomputers. Feather light-weight Optical Cables mean less stress on connectors and pins that can lead to failures. these cables are designed to exceed the requirements of InfiniBand 4x SDR/DDR and 10GbE applications.

  • 20M Active Optical CX4 / InfiniBand Cable
    $420.50 30M Active Optical CX4 / InfiniBand Cable
    Optical CX4 / 4x Infiniband cables use single-construction  solution with integrated optical-electrical conversion to reach speeds of 20 Gbps bidirectional at up to 300 meters giving you the speed and design freedom to...