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CX4 Cables

Elpeus manufactures a large selection of CX4 cables, including CX4 to QSFP hybrid cables, CX4 Jackscrew to Latch cables, and standard CX4 cables with latches on both ends. For distances longer than 15 meters we carry Optical Cx4 cables which can reach up to 300 meters. 

These cables comply with the latest IEEE 802.3ak standard for twinaxial cable patch cord assemblies over distances of up to 50 feet. The standard specifies the same connectors used in 4X InfiniBand and the XAIU (10 Gigabit Attachment Unit Interface) specified in 802.3ae, spending 10 Gbps data over four paired transmitters and receivers, with each pair operating differentially over a thin twinaxial cable. 10 Gbps is spread over the twinax bundle, each cable supports a data rate of 2.5 Gbps over a 3.125 GHz channel with 8B10B coding.

Our cables are built with high-quality zinc die-cast backshells and high-end Maddison cable, and are built and tested to perform at the highest performace standards. All of our CX4 products are ROHS compliant, and we can customize any CX4 cable to meet your specific needs. These cables are compatible with InfiniBand applications up to 8 meters. Cx4 is based on InfiniBand arhitecture and each cable is wired per the InfiniBand specification, the main difference being that InfinaBand uses equalization for longer distances while CX4 cables are passive at all distances.